Unlike the Creation of Myth, where the land is flat and the directions correlate specifically with the Elemental Poles, the Directions and the Elements have little to do with each other (outside of most civilized societies, of course).

The Elemental Pole of Earth is actually the very core of the planet, upon which all of Creation was built and formed.

The Elemental Pole of Air strikes right through the planet, directly on its turning axis, through the core, and out the other side, channeling the churning energies caused by the Pole of Earth into an electromagnetic shielding from the ever-aggressive Sol.

The Elemental Pole of Fire is actually a ring that wraps around the planet at the Equator, caused by the severity of Sol’s jealousy towards the Creation that cast him off into the dark Wyld. It allows for safe use of Sol’s destructive Essence.

The Elemental Poles of Water and Wood, like the Pole of Air, as lodged into the planet, but at a 23.5° angle from the Poles of Air and Fire, respectively. The Pole of Wood feeds the Pole of Fire, and the Pole of Water provides conductive support to the Pole of Air.

With these Elemental Poles in place, Creation has continued turning on its axis around Sol, appreciative for the light and heat it gives but out of its oppressive rule from Ancient Times.

For the curious, the Blessed Realm is in the North-Eastern hemisphere.


Shards of the Exalted Dream: Acta Sancti Kestho