Wonder Plastic

For all your artificing needs!


“Wonder Plastic” is the common term for the wide variety of Essence-infused plastics that make up most of the manufactured artifacts’ composition when magical materials or mundane metals are not readily available, as such, it provides no magical bonus. It’s supernaturally malleable and can be synthesized into virtually any inorganic substance, under the right conditions; typically, once a Wonder Plastic ‘sets’, it cannot be changed. A common example of Wonder Plastic use are the Charm IDs carried by the populace.


The use of Wonder Plastic is hotly debated amongst the populace as harmful to Gaia, the process of extracting oil from the crust of the planet and processing it into the widely used material is considered detrimental on one side of the argument and necessary on the other. Scientific research has shown undeniable (though inconclusive) evidence that the crude oil pockets are the result of Essence built up in the Dragon Lines running through Creation; a majority of the debate stems from whether these pockets act as tumors due to Essence that is not properly cycled through the Dragon Lines, or whether these pockets are Creation’s way of healing itself due to damage sustained.

Wonder Plastic

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