Exalt ID

Yes, even they need 'em.


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0m[0m, 1wp+]
Identification system for the Exalts in society. The ID card is constructed mainly of Wonder Plastic and the magical material, which is usually befitting a design for the appropriate Exalt. It does not cost any motes to use and has unlimited storage for their Charms, etc., but for its alternative use it requires a point of committed Willpower up to the Exalt’s essence rating; this provides temporary Resources equal to the (Willpower committed + Artifact rank). This debt will last until it’s paid off, a full Season has passed, or until the committed Willpower is released; if a full Season has a passed or the committed Willpower is released before the debt is repaid, the Exalt will be subject to varying severity of punishment dependent on where they are in Creation.

Exalted PCs automatically receive the first rank of this Artifact upon character creation. They can purchase higher ranks as usual.


A little known factoid about Exalts is they receive money from the government. Some are directly employed or act as independent contractors, while others are paid to not cause havoc; in the case of the latter, many of figured that fighting the Exalt into submission would be much more expensive than paying them for their discretion. This preferential treatment is frowned upon by some of the more prominent mortals and by some of the lower-class mortals, some envious while others incredulous that being “Exalted” warrants special favors. Aside from the dissenters, a majority of the populace see the Exalts as a goal to reach for, which plays into a lot of marketing campaigns; for example, the series “Burn Legend” – where Exaltation comes not from divine dictation but personal perfection – has numerous products including movies, novels, comic books, TV shows, and half-price lunchboxes.

Exalt ID

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