Charm IDs

Like a driver's license for Essence


Artifact •
Permits the legal use of Charms for mortals. Only “Essence Overwhelming” can be used with this ID.

Artifact •
Permits the legal use of Charms for mortals. Only “Essence Triumphant” can be used with this ID.

Artifact •
Permits the legal use of Charms for mortals. Only “Essence Resurgent” can be used with this ID.

1 mote of Essence is required to use a Charm ID, in addition to each other Charm engraved/encoded on it.


The primary means of identification available to the populace of Creation, also provides certification for Essence-use. For a real-world application, this would be equivalent to a driver’s license and a 2-year college degree rolled into one. While a Charm ID is not required to operate in civilized society, those who have are vastly preferred over those who have not. Not all Excellencies are permitted for the majority of the populace, namely the combat abilities and larceny; members of the military hold an exception for this.

These IDs are available in fairly recent times with the realization that Charms can be physical objects, as opposed to abstract ideas, and the Advent of Technology in mortal Essence use research. Early versions of the Charm ID were large sheets like certificates, needing the space to engrave the information; newer versions are wallet-sized and digital, able to hold multiple Charm licenses and much easier to scan. Different scanners are provided for the use of these IDs; the basic ones will display what the person’s known Charms are, while the most advanced will detail a person’s entire character sheet, and varying degrees in between.

Charm IDs

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