Shards of the Exalted Dream: Acta Sancti

Chapter 1

The essence research facility headed by the U.E.S. on Mt. Meru was shut down out after Team Sigma reported its activities to SF0 Headquarters; the remaining clean up is up to the hazard control squads of the Meruvian government and the officials to keep the intrusion from sparking a cold war of sorts. The media will, as they are privy to, gather information concerning the activities and broadcast it to all who will listen. Agent “The Stig” remains missing on the slopes of Mt. Meru.

Team Sigma’s next mission involved confiscating a high level Artifact from the CEO of the Henderson Mining Co., an ancient piece of Magitech too dangerous to be kept in the hands of the private sector. While Agent Johnny Cage preoccupied Mr. Henderson at a charity ball, Agents Silver Raven & Prima infiltrated the building housing the Artifact. Despite an unexpected explosion (field investigators are still determining the cause) the felled the building, the Artifact was safely confiscated. An unknown individual, calling him “Army of One” met with the agents after the explosion, informing them to look for another individual known as “Ozymandias”; no current documentation exists for “Army of One”.

The name “Ozymandias”, as Agent Sylvia De Valle discovered, is restricted information of the highest level, tied to the synthesis of Exaltations (Alchemicals) and the making of Charm & Exalt IDs. “Ozymandias” disappeared from the ledgers of the government nearly 30 years prior, but an astrology reading a few months prior initiated a mission to Team Upsilon, the SF0’s top agents, to investigate a Dead Zone (similar to Mt. Meru) in the North. Due to unexplained maladies affecting those closest to the agents of Team Upsilon, a further investigation was warranted, and a new mission for Team Sigma was initiated.



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