Shards of the Exalted Dream: Acta Sancti


A team of Exalts, the Chosen of Endings “Silver Raven”, the Night Caste “the Stig”, the Dawn Caste “Johnny Cage”, and the Starmetal Caste “Prima” have been assigned to investigate suspicious activity on Mt. Meru, the United Eastern States as the primary suspects. Upon exploration, the team discovered an Abyssal (name unknown) directing a research facility of the Dragon Lines running through Mt. Meru, one of the most volatile collections of churning Essence in Creation and outside the Wyld; the operation is part of a secret global initiative to, according the Abyssal, kill Gaia and replace her with an entity of “Dark Essence”. The facility remains on Mt. Meru, however, as Prima discovered during an impromptu tour lead by Cage that the facility is hooked into a very powerful demesnse, if the equipment were destroyed or otherwise removed incorrectly, it would cause destruction on a massive scale.



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