Shards of the Exalted Dream: Acta Sancti

Chapter 2

North by North-East

Team Sigma, with their new assignment to the North, flew to Crane Bay to rendezvous with Agent “The Stig” and Junior Agent John Scot, whose mentor leads the research on Essence-based maladies and a core understanding of what fell the agents of Team Sigma. En route to Lookshy, 2 passengers were attacked, 1 one whom was killed, by a mysterious “Mr. Chen” that disappeared shortly after the airplane landed. In truth, the flight was carrying high explosives planted by the assaulted passengers, the survivor a Haltan terrorist, a catastrophe averted by the team.

Good work, Team Sigma, and good luck on your upcoming mission. With the volatile relations between Meruvia and the U.E.S., communications will be minimal. For all intents and purposes, and as is tradition, you’re on your own.



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