The Advent of Technology

“Creation is a large place, mind-bogglingly large, ‘veritably infinite’ some would say. Despite the photographs taken from orbit of our spherical world from multiple angles, and the progress of new navigational technology, there always some new expanse of land that slip past our sensors as wild and untamed as in primal epochs. It was in these times, before civilization, that Essence use was restricted to a select few, and the simplest luxuries that we know today would be seen as sorcery.”

“Don’t let yourself be fooled by the reigning hierarchy and their lapdog media! All the Big Names are involved in the same plan to enslave the populace as Essence generators, check the links to see my proof. Gods, both big and small, are either assimilated or destroyed. Dissenters disappear in the dead of night. Corrupted politicians remain in power as figureheads so fresh ideas can’t be heard. I’ll never stay silent!”

“Exalts? Sure, they’re around, kinda hard to miss and all self-important, but are they so special that everyone needs to be one? I’ve seen those products, ‘Exalt in 30 days or your money back!’ and crap like that. I’m not an Exalt, and I don’t want to be one. My friend became an Exalt, knew him since were were tykes, and then he just up and left like a stranger, like I wasn’t good enough for him.”

Shards of the Exalted Dream: Acta Sancti

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